Backyard Braggen Rights is always a fun experience for me and this time was no different. I worked the sign-in table 90% of the day, since I was not able to walk around due to injuring my leg. This also allowed me to converse with people I knew. 

Entering the dessert contest can be interesting, but even more so when you meet your competition. I quickly learned Scott McSwain was my main competitor when he came up to pay for his entry for the dessert class. He soon learned that I had entered too and asked what I had made. I told him cheesecake brownies; he then proceeded to ask me where they were hidden. When I refused to give any hint as to where they were he turned to Zack McSwain and told him if he saw any cheesecake brownies to let him know because he had plans for them.

The rest of the day went smoothly as the public voted on the open and dessert classes and the judges scored the smokers' meats. As tradition goes we had funnel cakes (which were great might I add.) All in all the day was another memory for me.